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A True Power Food

Sweetest of Potatoes

Sweet potatoes really are a true power food. They are low in fat and relatively low in calories but pack in a ton of complex carbs, fiber, and nutrients. If you are looking for a healthy, sweet potatoes are not generally the first thing a person would think to eat. But now is the time to start! Give them a chance and you wont be disappointed. Time to head to the store and load up on some sweet potatoes. Simply throw them in the oven and back them as you would a normal potato. So delicious.


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Water, Please


I am back. My internet failed me for 5 days or so and I am finally back and ready to post!

I figured I would resume with a topic of importance to everyone. Water is one of the most important nutrients and something many of us do not get enough of. There is no substitute for water and considering our bodies re composed of nearly 70% water, it is probably something that deserves a bit more attention than it is given.

Water is crucial to our bodies because it rinses our bodies of waste which could otherwise poison us. An insufficient intake of water could lead to kidney stones. A few other important jobs water has in our bodies include: lubricating joints, digestion, movement of nutrients, and cooling.

Water, as it turns out is also a very important part of weight loss. Water helps break down and metabolize fat.

So how much do we need? A typical person should consume about 64-80 ounces throughout the day. This number can vary greatly, however, depending on body weight and muscle mass. Exercise and heat can also increase your need.

Increasing your water intake to meet the recommended amount may also increase your need to use the restroom, however over time your body should adjust and your need to use the restroom should decrease.

Some signs of dehydration include: headache, heartburn, back pain, and depression or irritability. Water is often the best long term solution to dry skin as well.

Remember, there is no replacement for water. Many other beverages, soda in particular, can actually dehydrate you further so get out there and DRINK THAT WATER!

Quote: “When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water.” – Benjamin Franklin

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The Obesity “Paradox”

The University of Chicago Press published an article on August 29 about the simultaneous rise in obesity and the growing popularity of “health food” here in America.

It turns out that when a consumer is told the restaurant is “healthy,” say Subway, for example, they are then more likely to order a high calorie drink, dessert, or side dish to go with it. Not only is this a problem, but many of those healthy claims made by restaurants are not actually true. The article points out that many Subway sandwiches contain more calories than a Big Mac and then to top that off the consumer will likely order a high calories side dish to go with because they feel they can “afford” the calories since they made a “healthier” choice.

Along the same lines, I have been in stores like Whole Foods, which many might consider a “health food store” and seen people loading up on all sorts of desserts and greasy foods. It seems the perception of Whole Foods for many people is that nothing you buy there can make you fat. Hmmm….I’m pretty sure that whipped cream, cheesecake, and chocolate mousse can make you fat no matter where you buy it, whether its organic or not.

Tip: Investigate healthy claims for yourself. Don’t let yourself be tricked and be perfectly honest with yourself about what you are eating. Rather than trying to estimate the calories content of an entire sandwich, break it down and add up the meat, cheese, bread, and veggies separately. You will be much more accurate this way. Remember, eating at a place that calls itself or appears healthy, doesn’t actually mean that what you are eating is healthy.

If you’d like to read that article for yourself, here it is:


I went into a McDonald’s yesterday and said, ‘I’d like some fries.’ The girl at the counter said, ‘Would you like some fries with that?’

– Jay Leno, TV Host of the Tonight Show

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